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Quicksteps and Information

Finding answers to specific questions can sometimes be challenging, with information being so abundant. This Quickstep information is meant to provide answers to some of these questions. This page brings that hard-to-find information together and works in conjunction with the Site Search engine so that it easily found. We plan to move this information into our Zendesk Knowledgebase soon.


  1. How do I use the new phone system?
  2. How do I forward all messages to another email account using Outlook Web App?
  3. How Do I Create a ZIP file?
  4. How Do I Create a PDF File?
  5. How do I STOP receiving emails from a particular address?
  6. How do I add a 2nd email account to my Outlook?
  7. Who are the Department Chairs? (updated for 2020)
  8. How do I digitize video from a VHS tape using the Mac Workstation in the Faculty Studio?
  9. How do I schedule one of the campus conference (MeetMe) numbers?
  10. What are some rules of thumb for leaving effective voicemails?
  11. What voicemail options are there for employees who want to receive voicemails?
  12. How does a faculty member register a student using Self-Service Banner?
  13. How does an instructor Take Attendance with DropGuard?
  14. What can I do to protect my personal information as well as to defend against cybersecurity threats?



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