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Options for Voicemail

Employees have three options for how they can receive voicemails. This page explains these options.



  1. Voicemails left on the phone remain on the phone until the employee deletes them. A problem we sometimes have with this option is that employees neglect to delete voicemails, which eventually causes them to exhaust their disk space quota. This results in the employee not being able to receive additional voicemails until they delete some to free up disk space.
  2. Voicemails left on the phone do not remain on the phone, but instead are sent to the user as an attachment to an email. Even though this causes us to use more disk space on the email server, this option generally seems to work best for everyone. And since email is so readily available from any location it makes receiving voicemails also quite easy.
  3. Voicemails remain on the phone and are also sent to the employee as an attachment to an email. While this may seem to offer the best of both previous options, it is really just overkill. It also results in excessive use of disk space on both email and voicemail systems and users end up reviewing voicemails twice.

NOTE: We try to accommodate individual employee preferences for these settings, but for new accounts we choose #2 above and we recommend this setting for all users.




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