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How do I STOP receiving emails from a particular address?

  1. You can identify a specific email address that you do not want to receive any emails from and then configure your Junk Email filter to block that address.
  2. When you "block" an email's sender you still receive the messages from them but they go automatically to your JUNK folder. The sender receives no message indicating they've been blocked.
  3. After removing the block, the emails still end up in the Junk folder until you inform your application that they should not be Junk.
  4. Here are the steps:
    1. Open Outlook.
    2. Click the Actions menu.
    3. Choose Junk Email, then Junk Email options.
    4. Click the Blocked Senders tab.
    5. Click Add.
    6. Type in the email address that you want to block.
    7. Click OK.



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