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ITS 098: Overview of T3 and the CTE

Title III (T3)

New River was awarded a five-year Title III grant which began on October 1, 2008 (and it will end on October 1, 2013). The $2 million project will provide many opportunities for New River to enhance online student services and distance education. Through this grant New River will:

  1. create new IVN classrooms on each New River campus (see diagram),
  2. provide a faculty resource center focused on improving teaching, and
  3. develop distance education courses and student services to address the needs of time and place bound students.


Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is a faculty resource focused on instructional development and support. Ralph Payne, the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, started at New River on April 2, 2009. The CTE is located in room C3 on the Beckley Campus. While this is the physical location of the CTE, many workshops and services are extended to all the New River campus locations. Equipment and software has been purchased and is available to instructors working on course development projects. Most notably, these purchases include the Wimba Collaboration Suite and high-end workstations with software for developing advanced media elements that can be incorporated into distance education courses. Addtionally, services offered through SCT Banner and ANGEL have been enhanced so that time and place bound students have complete access to information and services necessary for academic success at New River.


Workshop Activities

Instructors will receive a 30-minute overview of the T3 grant activities and a tour of the CTE as part of their participation in this project. In addition, instructors will complete the READI assessment and the Distance Education Checklist as part of our data collection. The full training agenda is available below:

  1. Cohort 1 Training Agenda (PDF)
  2. Cohort 2 Training Agenda (PDF) (revised version)
  3. Cohort 3 Training Agenda (PDF)
  4. Cohort 4 Training Agenda (PDF)
  5. Cohort 4.5 Training Agenda (PDF)
  6. Cohort 5 Training Agenda (PDF)



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