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Ellucian Action Plan

The Ellucian Action Plan was created in August 2015 by a team from Ellucian who, upon a request by Dr. Washington, visited the College in June, 2014. The document is 21 pages in length and provides a three-year plan for making improvements to how we use our licensed Ellucian products. Although it offers a number of recommendations, our Ellucian leadership teams have selected the most critical and affordable issues to act on. And while the three-year timetable was recommended, we are free to adjust this timetable to meet our needs.


Ellucian Leadership Teams

In response to the Ellucian Action Plan, the College created two leadership teams to address these issues. The Ellucian Steering Committee is comprised of key administrators and staff members who oversee the Ellucian Super User Group, that is comprised of the functional area users of Ellucian products (current members of both teams).


Meeting Minutes and Progress Related to the Action Plan

Minutes from meetings and updates on progress being made to the Ellucian Action Plan are provided in the table below:

Meeting Minutes and Action Plan Updates
Action Plan
Super User Group
Steering Committee
03/15/2015 10/09/2015 10/23/2015
02/23/2016 12/11/2015 2/18/2016



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