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Early Alert System - DropGuard

About the Project

New River implemented an Early Alert System named DropGuard for the Spring 2017 term to better identify "at-risk" students, guide them to appropriate institutional support services, and improve academic success rates. The system is also used for instructors to report student attendance, participation, and satisfactory progress (see details).

The DropGuard system is available through the New River portal ( Once you login to the portal, click the link to DropGuard.

You can also access DropGuard directly (but you'll need to authenticate with your portal username/password) using this link:


How we Chose DropGuard

The communications plan for this project provides an overview of the project, some history that led to it, and it includes key dates and participants that are involved with the implementation. Our Implementation Task Force (comprised of 15 College employees) developed a rubric that we used to evaluate 19 different Early Alert Systems (copy of the rubric). We chose DropGuard because it earned the highest score from our rubric-based evaluations as we reviewed each of the solutions.


Training for DropGuard and Additional Information

Attendance as an Early Indicator of Student Success (article from Educause)

Warnings and Milestones (PDF) (can be applied to any learning modality)

Instructor Assigned Warnings and Milestones

Training for Faculty and Advisors (invitation for December 7, 2016) (direct link to recording)

DropGuard Instructor Guide (updated Ocotober 6, 2021 by Jason)

How to Take Attendance with DropGuard

How to Report Attendance, Participation, and Satisfactory Student Progress with DropGuard

Helpful Videos About Using DropGuard (Use the drop-down button on that page to choose the category appropriate to your role)

Presentation for Convocation 2017 (PDF)



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