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1. Purpose and Acceptable Use

2. IVN Classroom Equipment and Phones

3. Support for IVN
4. Scheduling and Recording 5. Training and Information for IVN Instructors and Students 6. Fee Structure
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1. Purpose and Acceptable Use

New River's interactive video conferencing network (IVN) is comprised of 26 Zoom Rooms and is intended to support the College's curriculum by connecting remote students, instructors, other institutions, guest speakers, and other persons or groups related to the College and its community. The majority of these videoconferencing connections are made among New River's four campuses and additional off-campus locations to create shared classroom experiences. Using the freely available Zoom client application, users can literally connect from any location to a New River Zoom Room.


2. IVN Classroom Equipment and Phones

Each Zoom Room has a video projector, instructor computer, video cameras, microphones, a Cisco phone, and possibly a large-screen TV display. There are 26 locations equipped this way and these locations are scheduled for classes that are delivered using Zoom.

The Cisco phone provides direct access to the IVN support staff as well as to each of the other Zoom classrooms. The phone also serves as an audio backup among sites in the event of any technical issues with the IVN audio (see list of rooms with phone numbers). The speed dial buttons on each of the model 7931 phones is now configured for one-button access to any of the IVN classrooms (see photo).


3. Support for IVN

Technical support for the IVN system of Zoom rooms is available during hours posted in our online Help Desk Schedule. The IVN equipment is designed so that users can be mostly self-sufficient.

Our support staff collaborates with others to develop and provide instructor training information and assistance. We provide equipment maintenance, scheduling, and troubleshooting for all New River IVN locations and assistance for the users who remotely connect to these locations.

Each Zoom Room has a Cisco phone with two speed-dial buttons pre-configured for AM Support and PM Support. The AM Support button rings to 304-793-3002 and the PM Support button rings to 304-818-2022 (which is forwarded to Nate), but our Help Desk is often able to assist as well (304-929-6725).

IVN Support Staff

IVN Support (8AM-2PM)


IVN Support (2PM-8PM)


IVN Support and Scheduling AM Support
Joshua D. Gill
IVN Support and Scheduling PM Support
A. Nate Akers

General Help Desk Support (8AM-4PM)


IVN Training
Gary P. Davis

Information Technology Support (7:30AM-3:30PM)


IVN Training
David J. Ayersman


4. Scheduling and Recording

The New River schedule of courses includes IVN and Zoom classes which are denoted by an Instructional Method (IM) of IVN, IVNE, IVNH, IVNW, or ZOOM. Campus deans create the course schedules, so any IVN course scheduling issues should be directed to the campus deans.

IVN classes are configured to automatically record to the Zoom Cloud web site ( Meetings that are created by individuals with Zoom Basic accounts instead of Zoom PRO accounts can only be recorded to the local computer of the meeting creator. Zoom Rooms are automatically connected to scheduled class meetings (without anyone in the room pressing any buttons).

To schedule and record administrative meetings, please contact the IVN support staff or the Help Desk with scheduling requests (304-929-6725). Please provide at least 3 days advanced notice. The service is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Scheduling priority will be given to those events that most directly support the mission and curriculum of the College. Zoom rooms are available to employees and to student groups for co-curricular events.


5. Training and Information for IVN Instructors and Students

Teaching and learning in the IVN environment poses new challenges to instructors and students who are faced with (1) using the equipment while also (2) communicating effectively with both on-site and remote locations. The following links may be useful to instructors and students new to this environment:

  1. Overview of New River CTC Distance Education and Instructional Methods
  2. Videoconferencing Presentation Tips (for Instructors)
  3. Videoconferencing Classroom Recommendations (for Students)
  4. Using the Cisco Phones to Contact IVN Rooms (Students and Instructors)
  5. Zoom Tutorials and Training (for Zoom Admins and All Zoom Users)
  6. ITS 107: Teaching with Videoconferencing (IVN)


6. Fee Structure

Occasionally, when scheduling allows it, the IVN facilities are reserved for agencies outside New River. For these events an hourly fee is charged to cover the use of the equipment as well as required technician fees.



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