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IT 400: Help Desk Support for Blackboard Learn 9

1. What tasks can I perform as a Helpdesk User Manager for Blackboard Learn 9?

There are several tasks that can be completed by someone with the role of Helpdesk Manager in Blackboard Learn 9. The specific privileges associated with this role are identified in this screen capture.

2. How do I access Blackboard Learn 9 as a Helpdesk User Manager?

You simply login to Blackboard Learn 9 and the privileges associated with your role will be available to you.

3. How do I find out what a username is for someone?

If you know the user's actual first and last name you can query People Search by Last Name to locate the email address of that person. For example, if Bill Rucker calls asking for help with logging into Blackboard Learn 9 and he doesn't know his username (even though it is the same as his email username) you can go to People Search to find him. The username for Blackboard Learn 9 is the same username we use for email.

The password for Blackboard Learn 9 is the same password used for email. Initially this is the 9-digit ID number but users may change email passwords. If forgotten, the Help Desk resets the password back to the 9-digit ID number and informs the client. We have configured Blackboard Learn 9 so that it relies on our email server to authenticate users. This means that while you can't change your Blackboard Learn 9 password within Blackboard Learn 9, you can change it within Outlook Web Access.

4. How do I reset a user's password in Blackboard Learn 9?

You must reset the password using SSRPM by clicking the Forgot Password link on the portal login page. Users may also reset their own passwords using that same link.

5. How do I enroll users into an Blackboard Learn 9 or Blackboard course?

Enrollment is updated multiple times each day by the Blackboard Learn 9 XEI Agents (scripts) with data directly from Banner. If a student registers for a course today he/she should appear in the Blackboard Learn 9 course no later than 6 hours after the data in Banner are updated. Blackboard is updated manually by Dr. Ayersman.

6. How do I find out which courses a student is enrolled in?

The official course roster is in Self-Service Banner (or Internet Native Banner for those who have this access). Students can view their own list of registered courses in SSB. Help Desk personnel may view data in Banner or in either of the two LMS solutions that we are currently using (Blackboard Learn 9 and Blackboard).

To view Blackboard Learn 9 enrollments, login to Blackboard Learn 9 and click the Administrator Console link. Click the User Accounts link and locate the student. Click the little head and shoulders icon to the right of the person's username and you'll see a list of the Blackboard Learn 9 courses which that person is currently enrolled in.

7. How do I find help for using the Blackboard Learn 9 Help Desk User Management account?

Blackboard Learn 9 has built-in help that is available by clicking the icon that looks like a question mark on the left side of your screen.

8. How do I create a user in Blackboard Learn 9?

Anyone who has an email account at New River automatically has access to Blackboard Learn 9, so you should never need to create accounts for Blackboard Learn 9.



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