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ITS 203: Using Blackboard Enterprise Surveys for Course Evaluations


New River Community and Technical College began using Blackboard Enterprise Surveys to collect course evaluation data during the summer of 2015. A pre-pilot was conducted during the Summer I term (201503) and a second pilot was conducted during the Summer II term (201504). A final pilot was conducted in Fall 2015 term (201601) and since Spring 2016 (201602) Blackboard Enterprise Surveys has been the only method for collecting course evaluation data at the College.

Since all Blackboard course shells are archived one year after the term has ended, it is important that instructors create an archive of the course before it is deleted from the server. Although this archived course file contains the course evaluation data, it can't be accessed unless you restore the backup file. So, instructors should print to PDF or export the course evaluation data prior to archiving the course to their local computer.

The course evaluation is comprised of 16 questions (see questions).


Information for Instructors

  1. Instructors won't see the link that students will see when the course evaluations are made available. We strive to make them available about one month prior to the end of the term, although the LPN terms end on dates different than other courses. All instructors should encourage students to complete the surveys during the last month of the term.
  2. Once the survey period has ended (ends on the last day of the term), instructors will receive a notification at the top of each course with a link to View Results (see example). Clicking that link makes some options available for how to view the data.
  3. Click the box next to the Response Period and then choose a radio button for Compare Responses By and choose All Courses I Teach. Then click View Results.
  4. Choosing those options will take you to a page that shows you all the courses you taught during that term with the questions and responses provided. At the top of this page you have a Print Report button. Click it and choose Printable View to get either a printed copy or to print it out to a PDF file. You must retain a copy of these data if you plan to ever use the information. Once your courses are removed from the server (one year after it was taught), the course evaluation data will be more difficult to obtain.
  5. If you get an error that prevents you from printing, you can go back and choose Print from the web browser File menu to print the whole web page. WVNET has also provided a workaround for this error (see workaround).
  6. When you print the information on this page, save it with a filename that you can remember so you can locate the information later. If you include the CRN in the filename that would seem prudent.
  7. There are six open-ended questions on the survey that might need to be printed individually. Click into the comments that are available for each question and then print that page using the Print Report button at the top of the page. Save these questions with the rest of the survey results so that you have all of the information in one easy-to-find location.


Additional Information

There are currently three Assessment Administrators who have access to create, modify, delete, and view Enterprise Survey data in Blackboard. These are:

Steve Lacek
Wendy Patriquin
David Ayersman (technical support)

Once the survey has been made available to students, they will see a link at the top of the course (see example).

If an instructor doesn't download a copy of the course evaluations before the course is removed by the System Administrator, what happens? We tested this by archiving a course from 201601, deleting it from the server, and then restoring the archive file back to the server. We were able to obtain a copy of the course evaluations at that point. Since this process is very time consuming, we strongly encourage instructors to download copies of course evaluations prior to archiving their courses.



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