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ITS 104: Teaching with Blackboard Learn 9

This workshop is intended for Course Developers who create courses and teach them using Blackboard Learn 9. Typically, at New River, these Course Developers are full-time faculty. Once the course is developed, it is not unusual for an adjunct instructor to teach (or deliver) the course.


Overview of Blackboard Learn 9

To develop an online course using Blackboard Learn 9 there are several things to know. First, you must have access to Blackboard Learn 9 as a Course Designer. Having a general understanding of the overall course development process is also helpful. Reviewing the criteria used at New River to evaluate an online course certainly helps to guide your course development efforts. Completing the 60-minute workshop titled IT 100: Introduction to Blackboard Learn 9 is also a good way to establish a basic understanding of how Blackboard Learn 9 works before you begin the process of creating an online course.

  1. Blackboard Learn 9 Home Page (Announcements, Bookmarks, Login Page Links)
  2. Course Development Process
  3. Criteria for Evaluating Online Courses
  4. Course Homepage (access an Blackboard Learn 9 course as a student)
  5. Exploring the Course Tools as a Student
  6. Enroll Yourself as a Designer (course ID and password)
  7. Control Panel
  8. Course Backups (#11 from IT 100: Introduction to Blackboard Learn 9)
  9. Syllabus Tool and Syllabus
  10. Converting PowerPoint files for Blackboard Learn 9 (see the FAQ)


Expanded Control Panel

Course Tools

As you begin to create new course content or try to upload and display existing content, you'll need to understand how the course tools work. Open the Expanded Control Panel of a course and explore the following tools:

  1. Using the Wizards and Help
  2. Add Page or Tool
    1. Syllabus
    2. Discussions
    3. Mail
    4. Content Module
    5. Assignments
    6. Image Database
  3. Manage Files
    1. Upload
    2. Create (built-in WYSIWYG editor)
    3. Edit
    4. Move
    5. Rename
    6. Unzip
  4. Manage Course
    1. Manage Students
    2. Track Students
    3. Track Pages
    4. Backup Course
    5. Reset Course
    6. Share Access
    7. Import Content
    8. Explort Content
  5. Course Settings


Communication Tools

One of the best features of Blackboard Learn 9 is the communication tools. Course-based email is readily available so that you can easily communicate with one or groups of students. The email is within Blackboard Learn 9 so it is separated from other accounts and not susceptible to spam. You can attach files to emails. Discussion boards offer great threaded dialogues where students can respond to instructor questions or simply discuss certain topics. Real-time communication is possible with the chat tool, although this feature can be difficult to administer (particularly with large groups). A shared whiteboard and calendar (public and private events) are also available.

  1. Mail
  2. Discussions
  3. Chat (real-time)
  4. Whiteboard (real-time)
  5. Calendar


Evaluation and Activity Tools

After building the online course content or perhaps as you build it, you'll need to have online assignments and assessments so students can demonstrate their learning. A very robust quiz/survey feature is included in Blackboard Learn 9. Self Tests are great study tools for students as well as practice quizzes where you don't keep track of the scores. And students can complete online presentations or web sites within Blackboard Learn 9 too.

  1. Quizzes/Surveys
  2. Self Test
  3. Assignments
  4. Student Presentations
  5. Student Homepages
  6. Track Students and Track Pages

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