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Data Governance Planning

The purpose of a Data Governance Plan is to establish a structured environment to ensure data quality and consistency, increase accountability and ownership of enterprise data , improve data security, and optimize usage of data for business intelligence and decisionmaking processes. The New River Data Governance Plan was approved by the President's Cabinet in September 2021.

New River's efforts to create this data governance plan were highlighted in a Tambellini Group article in 2019.


Related Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines

While the Data Governance Plan is an overarching and high-level strategic document, it was not possible to create it without also creating some related policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines to address tactical-level decision-making and to provide an overall context for data governance expectations, responsibilities, and guidance (see IT Plans, Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines for more information).


Data Governance Training and Resources

As part of the effort to create the Data Governance Plan, training has been created in Linkedin Learning that focuses on improving one's understanding of Data Governance. This training is available to all Data Governance Board members, Data Stewards, Data Owners, and Data Specialists.

As part of our GLBA compliance requirements, training in Linkedin Learning has been created for all employees to improve privacy awareness skills and is required every two years. KnowBe4 provides monthly training to all employees for cybersecurity awareness.

The Data Stewards who collaborated to create this plan are available to assist if you have questions, need training, or have recommendations.



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