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Use of the Active Directory Resource Scheduling System (ADRSS) implies consent with and adherence to other New River Procedures for Information Technology Services.


Purpose and Scope back to top

New River Community and Technical College schedules uses the email-based Active Directory Resource Scheduling System (ADRSS) as its primary method for room and resource scheduling.

This set of procedures is intended to provide members of the New River Community and Technical College educational community with standardized practices for using the ADRSS. These procedures are also intended to insure reliable and consistent service from the technical support staff who keep the software available. These procedures are subject to change.

The ADRSS is available to all employees and students of New River although privileges do vary according to one's position and need. The ADRSS is intended primarily to facilitate resource scheduling for rooms and resources at New River.

David Ayersman oversees the continued development of this document and actively addresses issues involving the use of ADRSS.

User Roles back to top

There are multiple User Roles that a user might have within ADRSS and they are:

  1. Resource Requestor (all New River email account holders)
  2. Resource Administrator (Susie Atkins, Lori Midkiff, Twana Jackson, David Ayersman, etc.)
  3. Technical Support and User Training/Assistance (IT staff)

Everyone who has a New River email account is able to request a reservation (Resource Requestor) for one (or more) of the resources that have been created. Specific individuals have been designated with the responsibility to receive and then (a) approve or (b) reject these requests. Currently, David (or his designee when he's unavailable) is the Resource Administrator for all the campus MeetMe numbers (used for audio conferences) and each campus may have conference rooms available for reservation. A campus representative is designated to be the Resource Administrator for these resources. The IT staff provides technical support and assistance to users. Each of these User Roles has very specific responsibilities. Steve Garlow can designate Resource Administrators and resources upon request.

Training and Support back to top

ADRSS is fundamentally part of the New River email system. The built-in help support provided with Microsoft Office Outlook and Outlook Web App includes information about creating meetings and sending invitations to other users (each of our "resources" is simply a user).

The Information Technology staff offers one-on-one assistance regarding ADRSS. To request assistance with accessing ADRSS users should contact the IT Help Desk ( (304-929-6725).

Username and Password back to top

Resources for ADRSS are created by Steve Garlow. If you would like to have a resource created please contact the IT Help Desk. Because ADRSS is part of the New River email system, each user should use his/her email username/password to access his/her email client (Outlook or Outlook Web App) to check scheduling and submit reservation requests. The usernames for all the New River room resources are available in everyone's searchable address book when using Outlook or Outlook Web App. They are also available in People Search (see Resources).

These resources can be easily located when you create an event request by simply typing the first few characters of the name (room) and then choosing the specific room you need. Also, please remember to include itsupport in your event request if you would like to have IT support of any kind.

Service Level Agreement back to top

Although a formal Service Level Agreement is not necessary for ADRSS, here is a list of the general responsibilities and actions of those using this service:

Actions/Responsibilities Resource Requestor Resource Administrator
Room or Resource reservation is needed.

Create a new Calendar Event and "Invite" the room or resource that you need. Specify the day/time and nature of your event.

If IT Support is needed you must also invite itsupport to your event.

Prior to sending your request you should check to see if the resource is available (Busy Search).

Receive the invitation.
Decision is made regarding the request.

Receive the acceptance/rejection email from the Resource Administrator (and from itsupport if included).

If additional information is requested you should provide it.

Approve or reject the request. An explanation would be expected if the request is rejected.
Possible changes to the event are made. If the event is cancelled or changed in any way, you should either (a) delete the event from everyone's calendars or (b) open the event and make the necessary changes so that everyone receives them. Receive the notice of deletion or change.

The IT staff provides assistance to users who request it. Please contact the IT Help Desk (304-929-6725 or with any questions.

Backup and Maintenance Schedule back to top

Because the ADRSS is part of the New River email system, the backup schedule is exactly the same as it is for email. Backups for ADRSS are done daily and recycled weekly, meaning that there are always 4 days of backups available. Once per week a backup is done to tape and three tape copies are maintained. Two are on-site and a third is kept at an off-site location.

If maintenance is needed it is conducted on Saturdays between midnight and noon. The server may occasionally be unavailable during this time for upgrades or system maintenance. Scheduled downtime is announced on the main New River home page.



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