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People Search ( is the College's online public directory and contains all New River email account holders - students, employees, alumni, and others. Currently, photos only appear in People Search for select employees who have signed a waiver allowing their photo to be used for the public directory. Waivers are maintained by Human Resources. Photos are taken by someone in the Communications office and emailed to David Ayersman. Once received, the photos are resized, optimized for the web, and naming conventions are applied as the photo is saved to the People Search directory. Once saved, they appear automatically in People Search. This document provides detailed steps for preparing the photos for People Search, so that the procedure is transparent enough to be completed by any Information Technology Services staff member in the event that Dr. Ayersman is unavailable to complete this task.


Procedure for Preparing People Search Photos

The following steps detail the process of preparing photos for use in People Search:

  1. Hi-resolution photo is received as an email attachment from Communications office staff member with user identifed in the file name (e.g., Darvis Cox.jpg).
  2. Photo is saved to local computer and then opened in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. An additional photo already sized (125 x 125 pixels) and optimized for People Search (any photo will do) is opened in Photoshop as a second file.
  4. The hi-resolution photo is then resized with approximate dimensions (e.g., 175 x 195) so that only the head and shoulders of the person appear when sized to 125 x 125 pixels. (Note that when resizing you must maintain the proportional dimension of the original photo, so do not alter the width variable, only adjust the height of the photo and the width will automatically resize to maintain the original proportion. Also note that the original photos are typically not square and they often vary regarding how much cropping you'll need to do in order to achieve only the head and shoulders when sized to 125 x 125 pixels.)
  5. After resizing, copy the entire original photo and paste it on top of the already sized photo that you opened as a second file. Make any adjustments that are required, which can mean resizing again and then copying/pasting again until only the head and shoulders appear and they are centered.
  6. Use the Save for Web option of Photoshop to optimize the photo for use on the web, click Save, then name the file with the person's email username as the filename (e.g., dcox.jpg). I save them to my local computer but then upload them to, then I login to and download the photo to the proper folder (/directory/).
  7. Regardless of how you do it, to appear in People Search the photo must ultimately be saved on to this folder: C:\\Apache24\htdocs\directory\photos\dcox.jpg
  8. Open People Search and query by username for the person to verify that the photo appears correctly. If it doesn't appear, ensure that you named the file correctly (username.jpg) and that you placed it in the proper folder on the server.


About These Procedures

Clearly, the procedure identified above is not the most efficient solution but it does work for now. Ideally, photos taken for New River ID Cards would also be used for People Search so that the Communications office would not be required to take any photos for the employee directory. And ideally, employee permission waivers would not be required to publicly share these photos. Because not all employees receive a New River ID Card (it is not currently required), a potentially more efficient solution is not yet possible to implement. To ensure that all new employees (both part-time and full-time) receive ID Cards, the hiring procedure must be modified and standardized to include the steps necessary for obtaining ID Cards for all new employees (full-time and part-time).



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