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Overview of ITS Administrative Department Procedures for Onboarding and Offboarding Employees

This information serves as a guide to Information Technology Services staff members who are responsible for creating, maintaining, and purging accounts on various systems used at the College. This information is applicable to both new employees arriving and existing employees when they depart.

Overview of Procedural Steps

  1. A representative from Human Resources completes our online Employee Account Management form using the FileMaker Pro client application installed (on their local computer). This form (see example screen) contains key information to include:
    1. Name of the employee.
    2. Name of supervisor.
    3. Type of Request.
    4. New River ID Number.
    5. Estimated start or end date.
    6. Campus location and room number.
  2. The following services are examined to create, revoke, suspend, or modify the access privileges for the new or departing employee:
    1. Ellucian Internet Native Banner
      1. Activate or inactivate the New River email address on SPAIDEN (Ayersman)
      2. Change status to Active or Inactive on SIAINST (Ayersman)
      3. Verify or Disable status on GOATPAD (Ayersman).
      4. Create Internet Native Banner account for select employees using GSASECR (Fann)
    2. Blackbaud - add or remove account (Ayersman)
    3. Employees of New River - enroll employee into this course in Blackboard as students for professional development (Ayersman)
    4. Blackboard Learn - verify or remove account (Ayersman)
    5. Social Media Sites (, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Administrator Accounts) - create or remove account (Ayersman)
    6. Microsoft Active Directory (New River Email and People Search Directory) - create or disable account (Garlow)
    7. FileMaker Pro - create or remove account (Ayersman)
    8. Joomla (Intranet access) - create or remove account (Ayersman)
    9. Listservs - create or remove account (Ayersman)
    10. Portal - disable or delete account (Ayersman)
    11. Zoom Groups - assign or unassign groups (Davis)
    12. Linkedin Learning - assign license and groups (Ayersman)
    13. Phone and Computer - we assign a phone and a computer to full-time employees (Ayersman)
  3. For departing employees, a representative of the Information Technology Services office is supposed to sign off on the HR Exit Checklist to verify that any issued equipment has been returned and that the appropriate accounts have been deleted or modified.

NOTE: Ideally, all these steps are completed prior to the employee's first or last work date.



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