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New River Recommendations for Computer Purchases and Replacements (Last Updated: August 20, 2018 3:00 PM )

Opinions vary regarding how frequently computing resources should be replaced. Generally, there are many factors that determine this and available funding is certainly a key consideration. New River strives to replace computers using an eight-year replacement cycle.  Rather than simply using the purchase date as the basis for the replacement decision (because computers purchased on any particular date may vary significantly in performance), there are essentially three primary factors we use to determine when a computer should be replaced.  Those factors are:

  1. CPU Speed
  2. RAM
  3. Storage

These recommendations apply not only to New River-purchased equipment, but also to recommendations for employees and students who purchase their own personal computers. 

To determine if you should be replacing an existing computer you should look at Row 1. To determine what type of computer you should currently be purchasing you should look at Row 2. While no one can accurately predict future events, this table provides a reasonable estimate and should effectively guide computer purchasing and replacement decisions.  This information is updated periodically.

Row Status

When Purchased

Computer Type CPU Speed RAM Storage Display
1 Now replacing.
2010 and earlier
Laptop < 1.8 Ghz Duo < 2.0 GB < 80 GB 15" LCD
Desktop < 2.0 Ghz Duo < 2.0 GB

< 140 GB

19” LCD

2 Now purchasing.
Laptop 2.7 Ghz Quad i7 16.0 GB 256 GB SSD 15" LCD

3.6 Ghz Quad i7

16.0 GB

256 GB SSD

22” LCD


  1. Yellow (Row 2 above) indicates the current configuration for new computer purchases.
  2. Any new computer purchase should include a gigabit network card and for laptop purchases we recommend that you purchase a wireless network adapter in addition to Ethernet, as well as a built-in camera, Bluetooth, and a carrying case.
  3. Laptop specifications (CPU, RAM, Storage, Display) are typically less than desktops and are more prone to damage and theft with perhaps a shorter life cycle.
  4. Removable media drives are recommended which currently include CD/DVD-RW. USB flash drives are recommended for users to easily transport copies of their files. Employees have a 100MB network drive for file storage (the T-drive).
  5. Processor speeds are in Ghz and include number of processors (Duo or Quad). Currently, we purchase i5 (dual-core) or i7 (quad-core) processors.


Computer Purchasing Recommendations

To determine the configuration of a new computer please refer to ROW 2 above.


Computer Replacements and Minimum Configurations

To determine the minimum configuration of an older computer that you might want to replace refer to ROW 1 above.



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