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Regroup Messaging System - FAQ

This information is intended to answer the most common questions about the Emergency Alert System used at New River CTC.

In January 2020, New River implemented a new portal solution (PortalGuard) and a new messaging system (Regroup). To communicate emergency information, the College will use Regroup to send messages to email inboxes and cell phones. Messages are sent only by key administrators (they are identified below) and only in the event of emergencies (college closings, weather delays, etc.).

You don't need to do anything to receive these notifications in your New River email inbox, but if you also want to receive the information (more quickly) by cell phone or by personal email you must update your Regroup user profile to add a cell number and a personal email address.


(1) How do I update my Regroup user profile to receive emergency messages on my cell phone?

Even without taking any action, all students and employees will receive the messages by email (in your New River inbox). If a user also wants to receive the messages on a cell phone (this is the quickest way to receive the messages) and in a personal email inbox, then he or she must register the cell phone number and a personal email address in Regroup.

Follow these steps to complete your profile in Regroup

  1. Navigate to the PortalGuard portal (https://portal.newriver.edu) and login, then click the icon named Regroup Alert System (see example) .
  2. From your profile page in Regroup, click the link named "+Add another email address" and type in your personal email address (see example).
  3. On that same page, click the "+Add new Phone Number" link and enter your cell phone number.
  4. Click Save.

After following those steps, you should receive a confirmation message from "do-not-reply@regroup.com". Click the link in that message to complete your profile update (see example message).

If these steps do not work for you, please contact our Help Desk (itsupport@newriver.edu or 304-929-6725) (include your cell number and personal email address and we'll update them for you).


(2) What if I don't update my Regroup user profile?

If you don't provide your cell number in your Regroup user profile, you will still receive emergency messages from the College but only in your New River email inbox. In a true emergency, minutes can count. The quickest (and preferred) way to receive the messages is to add your cell number to your Regroup user profile. If you don't, you might miss out on important information which means you may not be aware of emergency delays, closings, or other events that may impact you.

If you don't have cell phone, then please rely on your New River email inbox to recieve these messages. Emergency messages are also posted on the College's home page (https://www.newriver.edu) and on the College's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/NewRiverCTC/).


(3) How do I verify or change my cell phone information in my Regroup user profile?

1. Login to https://portal.newriver.edu
2. Click the icon named Regroup Alert System.
3. From your profile page in Regroup, you will see a section named PHONE NUMBERS.
4. You can remove an entry by clicking the trashcan icon (to the right of the information).
5. You can add a new number by using the Add a New Number link.
6. Once you've made the changes you wanted, click Save and then it is safe to logout of Regroup.


(4) Who can send New River Emergency Alert System messages?

Only key administrators have this ability and as of August 7, 2020 they are (listed alphabetically by last name):

  1. David J. Ayersman
  2. Jenni R. Canterbury
  3. Gary P. Davis
  4. Dara S. Fann
  5. Jason L. Garris


(5) How does someone send a New River Emergency Alert System message?

Only key administrators have this ability (see #4 above) and these individuals have received training to send emergency messages. We are working to create a video tutorial to show the steps for this and will include a link to it here when it is available.


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