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Alertus - Desktop Notification System
(Frequently Asked Questions)

(1) What is Alertus?

The Alertus Desktop software allows us to send an alert notification to the software clients, overriding the entire computer screen. It takes only a few moments to compose a message, send it to a group of clients (perhaps a campus location) or to all clients, and for it to be received. The company that provides the software, Alertus, has more detailed information.


(2) Who can access it?

Only key administrators are able to send desktop notifications with Alertus. For New River CTC, these individuals are:

  1. David J. Ayersman
  2. Jenni R. Canterbury
  3. Steven L. Garlow
  4. Roger D. Griffith
  5. Holly K. Clark
  6. Mary M. Igo
  7. Richard B. Pagan
  8. Robert A. Runion

The software is deployed on nearly all college-owned computers, meaning that an alert notification can be received by almost any College-owned computer. It is not deployed on personal computers.


(3) How do I use the Alertus system to send a desktop notification?

Steve Garlow has created a printable hand-out for administrators who need to know how to send notifications (PDF). The login link for the system is:


(4) How do we plan to use it?

The key administrators listed above are now working to update procedures to include the use of Alertus desktop notifications. To better understand all of the communication channels available to us at New River, please review our Communication Channels Explained document.

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