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Advisory Committee for Library Services (ACLS)


The Advisory Committee for Library Services was formed in 2019 to provide leadership and guidance to the direction of current and future library services for the College.



  1. Serve as ambassadors for library services by educating others and sharing information about library resources and services.
  2. Participate in researching best practices and current delivery methods in use throughout higher education for library services.
  3. Collaboratively develop a 5-year plan for library services that will incorporate best practices and improve access to services throughout our 9-county region.



  1. Facilitate and encourage usage of library services throughout the New River CTC curriculum where appropriate.
  2. Improve access to library services.
  3. Identify appropriate metrics to measure library services and periodically review them to adjust services to meet changing demands.
  4. Collect user data to guide decisions regarding library services.


Meeting Summaries and Notes

  1. Meeting Minutes and Notes (PDF)


Communities and Resources

  1. New River CTC Library Services
  2. OCLC Library Assessment Group




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