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Searching the Interactive Course Schedule

  1. To access the Interactive Course Schedule you must login as Guest (no password is required).
  2. Once you've logged in as Guest, then click the "Find" button at the top of your browser window to begin your search.
  3. All the records will disappear and you'll be able to choose the variables, or search terms, for your search. Click any of the drop-down buttons to choose your search criteria.
  4. Some of the fields are not drop-down buttons, but instead blank text fields. You can type in your information in those fields.
  5. Keep your search simple. You don't need to make selections for every field, in fact, choose only one field for the most basic search.
  6. After you choose your search criteria, click the "Perform Search" button at the top of your browser window.
  7. If you don't have success with your first search, try new variables and search again.
  8. Now that you've read this information, use the BACK button of your browser to return to the Course Schedule page.

NOTE: The All-On-One-Page and the IVN Course schedules do not require any special directions. And not all web browsers work equally well for the Interactive Course Schedule. It is built using FileMaker WebDirect and the browser requirements are listed here. Mozilla Firefox is not listed, so please use Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Chrome.



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