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Zoom is the College's official instant messaging application and it is freely available to all New River students and employees. But it is far more than just text-based instant messaging. It also provides videoconferencing,  a shared whiteboard, audio calls, video calls, and application sharing. Here is a short video tutorial that describes Zoom:

And there are other support documents available too:

To begin using Zoom, you must Sign In to the College's Zoom server. We've also created groups for all New River employees (Employees of New River) to facilitate communication among employees across all locations.


Usage Guidelines

Like other New River online services, access to Zoom is a privilege that can be revoked. Compliance with New River's Computer Use Policy is required for continued access to Zoom. Protection of one's own credentials and respect for others are fundamental expectations.


Administrator Information

Zoom accounts are created automatically by system administrators for students and employees. Select individuals may be issued PRO accounts that extend meetings beyond 45 minutes. Gary Davis manages these options for users.



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