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Phone-Related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I setup and check my voicemail for the very first time?

Press the Message button (looks like an envelope) and when you're prompted for a PIN enter 159357. Then just follow the prompts.

2. How do I check my voicemail from off campus?

Dial your phone number and when your voicemail picks up press the * key. You'll be prompted for your ID (key in your 4 digit phone number extension) and then your PIN (key in your 6 digit PIN you created for yourself to access voicemail). You will then be able to review any voicemail messages you have and customize your voicemail options. You can also reset your 6-digit PIN using this same information.

3. How do I dial a number to reach one of the other campuses?

Just dial the last four digits of the number (e.g., 6560 would ring the GVC main number). If you don't know the last four digits you can look up the person by name in the directory using the phone keypad or you can also consult People Search using your computer.

4. How do I dial an off campus number?

Dial 9 + 1 + area code + number. This applies to any number outside the New River CTC network.

5. What are the options available when I dial the main College number (5450) I get the auto attendant?

Most often, when someone dials the main College number (304-929-5450) they are trying to reach someone in a specific office. The Auto Attendant helps them to find the person or office they need (see Auto Attendant configuration).

6. What if there is an emergency and I need to call 911?

You must dial 9+911. Every New River phone should have a sticker affixed to it indicating that you must dial 9+911 in an emergency.

7. What are the Weather Line phone numbers?

ATC = 304-929-3333
GVC = 304-647-6587
MCC = 304-818-2008
NCC = 304-883-2421
RCC = 304-929-5483

8. How do I conference together multiple callers so we're all talking on the same line?

Every phone has the ability to create an ad hoc conference for up to 8 callers (7 plus the person who initiates). Here's how to do that:

1. Call the first number or answer the phone if they called you.
2. Press the conference soft key on your phone (Confrn) and then dial the next number.
3. After they pickup, press the Confrn button again and dial the next number. Repeat those steps until you have all your callers on the line.

9. What if I just want other New River folks to call into the number instead of me having to dial each of them?

We have five New River extensions dedicated as MeetMe audio conference numbers. The first person in the conference must initiate the call by pressing the soft key that labeled "MeetMe" and then dialing the extension of our MeetMe conference lines (6721, 6713, 2015, or 2443). If you receive a busy signal when you dial the MeetMe number, then no one has initiated the call by pressing the MeetMe number and then dialing the MeetMe extension (no one can connect to the audio conference until someone on campus presses the MeetMe number and then dials the MeetMe extension). Other callers may then dial the MeetMe extension and they will automatically be added to your conference. Here is a brief video tutorial for how to request/reserve/schedule one of the MeetMe numbers. The MeetMe numbers can connect up to 36 lines (and we can increase that if needed).

10. What if I have folks outside New River that need to dial in to a conference call or I have more than 8 callers?

The steps for this are exactly the same as in #9 above, with the only difference being that anyone outside the New River network must dial the complete number (after someone inside the New River network initiates the conference using the MeetMe button) to join the audio conference. The complete numbers are listed below:

ATC = 304-929-3334
GVC = 304-647-6713
MCC = 304-818-2015
NCC = 304-883-2443
RCC = 304-929-6721

11. How do I get the New River logo to show up on my phone?

If you have either the 7945 or the 7965 model of phone (not the grayscale 7942) then you can add the New River logo as the background screen. Please follow these steps:

1. Press the SETTINGS button on your phone.
2. Press the SELECT key to choose User Preferences.
3. Press the down arrow once, then press the SELECT key to choose Background Images.
4. Press the right arrow once and then press the SELECT key to choose the New River logo.
5. Press the SAVE button and then the EXIT button twice and you're done.

12. What are the phone numbers of the IVN classrooms?

Each of the 18 IVN classrooms has a phone (see list of IVN Classroom phone numbers).

13. I'm responsible for updating a Weather Line, how do I do this?

Employees who have this responsibility are able to update the voice message (primary greeting) on his/her Weather Line from any phone (anywhere) by following these steps:

1. Dial 304-883-2440 (or just 2440 if you are on campus).
2. You'll be prompted for your User ID (enter the 4-digit extension of your office phone).
3. You'll be prompted for your PIN (enter your personal 6-digit PIN).
4. You'll be prompted for the Call Handler (enter the 4-digit extension of your Weather Line).
5. Then just follow the directions to update the primary greeting.

NOTE: If you include the day's date in your greeting that is helpful. I've also heard some messages that included other important campus announcements (financial aid and registration deadlines), which seems like a great idea.

14. I'm responsible for sending alert messages, how do I create an emergency alert message?

Only a few designated employees are able to login to the portal to send emergency alerts messages. We've created a video tutorial that shows you how to do this and here is the link for it:

Please note that we have several User Groups that can be used as your recipients for emergency messages. Choose only the group(s) most relevant for your message. For example, if you are canceling classes for your campus you should NOT use the ALL USERS group but instead choose only your campus group of faculty, staff, and students.

SMS messages are limited to only 160 total characters, so you must be careful to include all the relevant information while also being very concise. Folks who subscribe to your group may also subscribe to other groups, so you need to be specific with your information to avoid any confusion.

Here's a sample alert system message:

All Greenbrier Valley Campus classes scheduled for today (January 25, 2025) at 12PM or later are canceled due to weather.

If you count the characters in the message above you'll see that it uses only 121 total characters.

15. What are the models of phones that employees might receive?

Technology changes rapidly, but the phones that we've issued are listed on this page.

16. How do I transfer a call?

There are basically two ways to transfer a call. One way is a "cold" transfer, meaning that the person making the transfer doesn't wait for the person recieving the call to answer before pressing the transfer button a second time. The better, and more polite, method of transferring a call is a "warm" transfer. To make a warm transfer, follow these steps (video tutorial):

1. Receive a call on your Cisco phone that requires you to transfer the caller to another phone number.
2. Press the Transfer button and then dial the number to receive the call.
3. Wait for the person to answer and announce the caller.
4. Press the Transfer button again and the two callers will be connected and you'll be off the call.

17. How do I update my voice greeting?

Press the messages button to access your voicemail. You'll be asked for your PIN, so enter it then press #.

1. For setup options, press 4.
2. To change your greeting, press 1.
3. To re-record this greeting, press 1.
4. Just follow the directions until you're finished then end the call.

18. How do I change my PIN for the Cisco phone?

Press the messages button on your phone, then enter your PIN and then press # key.

1. Press 4 (setup options).
2. Press 3 (preferences).
3. Press 1 (change PIN).
4. Just follow the directions until you're finished then end the call.



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