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Training and Workshops

The Technology Services staff provides both general support as well as one-on-one assistance and training on a variety of topics. To address topics of interest, we offer brief workshops for New River employees and we provide orientation information for all new students. Our workshops are non-credit and are not part of any New River courses nor are they available to the public. They are intended only to serve as professional development for employees and for informational purposes for students.

Often, we are asked "How do I..." questions for a variety of issues. We formalize the those questions and responses in our easy-to-use Help Desk Knowledge Base to serve as a self-help resource for both students and employees (as well as our own technicians). We are working now to make some rather drastic improvements in that Knowledge Base and will soon be incorporating the information that is now available in our quicksteps and FAQ's. Workshops that are highlighted in yellow are offered as part of our Title III training for instructors.

Workshop Name Audience Instructor(s) Topics Covered
IT 075
Orientation Overview Everyone Ayersman Web Self-Service for Students, Email, ANGEL, Group Communications
IT 098
Overview of T3 and the CTE Instructors Ayersman T3 grant project overview, CTE introduction and discussion
IT 099
Teaching in a One Computer Classroom Instructors Ayersman Operating the equipment, instructional possibilities, communicating with support staff
IT 100
Introduction to Blackboard Instructors Payne Access Blackboard, Privileges, Blackboard Tools, Procedures, Quick Start Information
IT 101
Course Development and Instructional Design Instructors Ayersman Pedagogy, Using the Classroom Equipment
IT 102
Concept Maps and Brainstorming Instructors Ayersman Idea generation, outlines, diagrams
IT 103
Course Materials for Distance Education Instructors Ayersman Pedagogy, Using the Classroom Equipment
IT 104
Teaching with Blackboard Instructors Payne Managing files, managing students, creating course content (content modules), assessments, and online communication
IT 105
Quizzing and Assessment with Blackboard Instructors Payne Creating Quizzes, Assessments, Criteria for evaluating student multimedia projects, oral presentations, and other assessment issues
IT 106
Collaborative Communication Tools for Instruction Instructors Ayersman Email, Listserv, Exchange Groups, Course-Based Email, Attachments, Signatures, and new technologies
(Wiki, Blog, podcast, social networks, etc.)
IT 200
Content Management with Joomla Select Employees Ayersman Access Joomla, Privileges, Modify Existing Content, Create New Content
IT 201
Accessing New River Resources via VPN Select Employees Ayersman VPN client software, securely accessing New River resources
IT 202
Communication Tools for Employees Employees Ayersman Communication tools overview, Blackboard IM, Scheduling and Appointments
IT 203
ANGEL to Blackboard Migration Instructors Ayersman Retooling to Teach with Blackboard, Migrating Course Content
IT 400
Help Desk Support Help Desk Staff Ayersman Email, ANGEL, Self-Service Banner, Blackboard, Blackboard IM, the Portal, our Knowledge Base and Procedures



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