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Administrative Department Procedures (ADP)
for Technology and Library Services

The Technology and Library Services staff provides a number of hosted solutions for academic and administrative purposes. To provide the highest quality services we have developed a number of procedures to guide how we administer these systems and how our users interact with them. Questions may be directed to ( If server or network maintenance is needed it is conducted on Saturdays between 12:01AM and noon so services may occasionally be unavailable during this time. If scheduled downtime is required at any other time it is announced on the New River home page and sometimes we provide email or instant message warnings, when the situation warrants it.

These procedures are guided by the Technology Plan (draft PDF) which was created in support of the College's Facility Master Plan to serve as a guide for technology at New River. We rely upon the Higher Education Compliance Alliance for overarching legal requirements that pertain to higher education.

Procedure Area Administrative Department Procedure External Authority, Example or Site Knowledge Base Articles
New and Departing Employee Checklists

New and Departing Employees

none Article #42: Creating Joomla Accounts
Banner Account Request Procedure
Password Complexity Requirements
Procedure for Termination of Accounts
Account Request or Modification Form (DOCX)  
Blackboard Learn 9 Procedures U.S. Department of Education
Blackboard IM Account Updates Procedures User Guides and Training Information Article #46: Bb IM Accounts Only Created for Active Learn Users
Brainfuse (Online Tutoring) (coming soon) (coming soon)  
Computer and Network Use Internal Procedures
New River's Operating Rule #16
Computer Purchases and Replacements
(and New Computer Purchasing Recommendations)
Guide none  
Email Procedures  
Email Archiving Procedures  
Equipment Loans and AV Setups Procedures none  
Graphic Standards Manual none  
Help Desk Troubletickets (and Knowledge Base) (in progress)

Knowledge Base Articles

ID Cards (see Technology Plan) none  
Information Security (see Appendix E of Technology Plan) none  
IVN Event Recordings (in progress)  
lynda.Campus (coming soon) (available through the portal)  
People Search Photos Procedures none  
Resource Scheduling (MeetMe Numbers) Procedures (video tutorial)  
Self-Service Reset Password Manager (SSRPM) (coming soon) (coming soon) Using the SSRPM (pdf)
Server Build Standards, Business Continuity, and Password Management Procedures (coming soon)  
Web Guidelines Procedures WV Office of Technology  
Web Site Joomla Templates User Guide none  



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