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Service Areas of Technology Services

The Technology Services staff provides services in a number of areas with many specializations for services among our small staff. To identify who best to contact for a service or request that you may have, please review the information below.

Technology Services
Who to Contact for Services Provided
Service Area Questions Concerning Contact
User Services
(Help Desk)
assistance with desktop/laptop computing issues, software installations, deployment of computers, maintenance of computers, client security, user privileges and general support; converting files, scanning images, digitizing video and audio all IT staff
walk-in, phone, and email requests for assistance, first-level troubleshooting for all IT issues, deployment of Help Desk technicians, issue tracking, software and equipment inventory, scheduling of events that require technical support, scheduling of equipment reservations; duplication of media, purchasing for small equipment, software and services; administration of Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Unity and IssueTrak systems Kenny Green (Help Desk)

Servers and Information Security

systems administration and configuration; project planning for systems; user access to server-based resources; account creation and modifications; printing; server administration Steve Garlow
Networking and Phones network topology; telecommunications and wired/wireless infrastructure; off campus locations connectivity; Internet service; project planning for networking; deployment and troubleshooting of phones, faxes and printers Robert Davis
Instructional Technology and Distance Education

orientation training; development of online instructional materials; consulting for instructional applications and curricular integration of technology; training and assistance in the use of technology-enhanced classrooms and audiovisual equipment

planning and design of technology-enhanced classrooms and audiovisual equipment; administration of ANGEL, Blackboard, Wimba, Smarter Measures systems; overall deployment of IT staff and resources; establishment of policies, procedures, and task priorities; equipment budgeting, purchasing, deployment, and allocations;

David Ayersman and Ralph Payne
Interactive Video Network

assist users in the Interactive Video Network and the technology-enhanced classrooms, record events, video technologies; scheduling and connecting IVN connections; administration of the classrooms, IPVCR and MCU components that comprise the IVN system; manage all classroom technologies ensuring that they work consistently as expected

Steve Butler and Brian Hatcher
ID Cards manage the New River ID Card system; print ID Cards after campus representatives upload the information and then distribute the cards; manage photos for People Search Brian Hatcher
SCT Banner; Programming and Reporting assistance for functional area users (finance, financial aid, human resources, student services, administration) to extract data for reports from SCT Banner, Banner security and account creation, programming for various systems (ANGEL, Banner, Microsoft Exchange, Blackboard IM) that require data uploads, imports, exports and/or integration; provide administration Leave Management system and the ID Card system Dara Fann and Jason Garris




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