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Technology Services Mission in Wordle

Mission Statement

The Technology and Library Services staff supports the mission of the College which is to provide accessible, affordable, quality education and workforce programs to meet the needs of the region it serves. We achieve this by working to fulfill the following goals:

  1. Infrastructure Technologies: Assist instructors to provide accessible, affordable, quality education by creating and maintaining a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure for data, voice, and video while also providing the hosted services needed to fully explore innovative distance and face-to-face education delivery methods.
  2. Information Technologies: Provide responsive technical support and information to all employees and students while collaboratively providing the online services and college-wide reporting services that are needed.

More Information

Our mission statement, goals, objectives, assessment methods, and data sources are aligned in an easy-to-understand table and we have Goals for FY2014-2105 that depict current initiatives and priorities.

NOTE: The graphic at the top of this page was created using the mission statement and three goals stated above using Wordle.



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