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Alert Messaging System

The New River Alert Messaging system is a part of the College portal. Messages are sent by key administrators (video tutorial) and delivered via three separate channels to users. Even without taking any action, all users receive the messages on two of those channels (as pop-ups when you login to the portal and as emails in your New River inbox). To receive text messages on your cell phone, users must complete a brief online form (video tutorial). We have scheduled a test of our Emergency Alert System for November 18, 2014 and we have developed an FAQ for common questions regarding the system.


Instant Messaging with Blackboard IM

New River uses Blackboard IM, as the official instant messaging application for the College. If you haven't yet activated your Blackboard IM account, please contact the Help Desk for assistance (304-929-6725). Your invitation appears as an email in your New River inbox but it may have gone to your Junk folder. Users can also login to to download a copy of the Blackboard IM client or to update your settings. We routinely install Blackboard IM on all college-owned computers, but you must download it to your personal computer if you want to use it there.


Software Updates

An ongoing project for us is to keep the software updated on over 700 computers throughout our five campus locations. We've purchased an application that makes this task possible (Secunia) but we need each employee to help. At the end of the workday on Wednesdays, please logout of your computer but do NOT power it off. We will install all of your updates on Thursday morning before you arrive in the office and you'll have fewer problems as a result. Thanks for your assistance with this tremendous task.

New River uses Windows 7 as our primary operating system and Microsoft Office 2013 is installed on all College-owned computers. Our lab computers have a dual boot option so that students can boot into Windows 8 as needed.


Major Projects (Recently Completed and Upcoming New Services)

We have multiple projects underway and are working to complete them. The College has purchased Tegrity (for use as a lecture capture system and as a remote proctoring tool), Respondus, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Respondus Monitor, Blackboard Collaborate (which includes Blackboard IM), and Lynda Campus. All of these services are available through the portal (and some from within Blackboard Learn). We have recently released a New River Mobile App (for download to your Apple iPhone). We are now testing the Android version which we hope to release soon.

Email: Webmaster | 167 Dye Drive, Beckley, WV 25801-2637 | Phone: 304-929-6725 | Updated: November 6, 2014